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SS2 - Preparing for mods - Citadel Station
Citadel Station
2005-01-07 05:09 pm
SS2 - Preparing for mods

Check your System Shock 2 directory.

If you've got your System Shock 2 CDs, or a nice clean install from somewhere very official-like, you should find the normal files in there. But if you have a folder named "Patch," you are going to have a hell of a time wondering why SS2 mods aren't having any effect. This I've noticed in the Home of the Underdogs version, but it may just be out there on other forms of installation as a method of patching SS2 up to its final original version. The folder "Patch" contains resource files that will override all others when System Shock 2 loads.

Reconstructing the resource files As They Should Be

First of all, about the resource files: they end in .CRF and are just .ZIP files with the file extension changed.

This is how to prepare any version of SS2 for mods.
· Collect all the CRF files that are in the main System Shock 2 directory. I count 16. Make a folder in the SS2 folder called "res." (to literal people: don't include the quotes)
· Drop all the CRF files into "res"
· Open "install.cfg"
· Change "resname_base ." to "resname_base .\res"

Back to fixing "Patch" versions

So, to open them up you can go the hard way, and replace ".CRF" with ".ZIP" on all of the files you need to open. Elsewise you can do things the easy way: chances are your computer doesn't know what ".CRF" is anyway, so when you try opening one of the files, it'll ask what program to do it with. Choose your zip program, check 'always use this program for this file type,' and give the .CRF file type a snazzy name, like "Resource For My Favorite Game".

Either way, you need to be able to open up .CRF files and abscond with their contents, because here comes the Fun Part. Side note: absconding in this case means removing and adding files to .ZIP archives. If your wimpy zip program can't do that, get one that can
· Go into "Patch"
· You see "Mesh.CRF"? Open it.
· Open "Mesh.CRF" in "res" as well.
· Drag everything out of the first CRF (in "Patch") and into the second CRF (in "res").
· Delete the "Mesh.CRF" in "Patch." The filthy thing never deserved to live anyway.
· Do the same thing for all the other CRFs in "Patch"and their counterparts in "res". The idea is that everything that used to be in the "Patch" CRFs is now included in the "res" CRFs.

If you're sure you've done this right, delete the "Patch" files. They are no longer looked at by SS2.

Now install Mods normally. (normal being subjective in the inconsistently packaged world of SS2 mods.)