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I have a cracked copy of system shock 2, but it will not run on XP (keeps demanding a disk in the drive).

It's not the lack of an original disk that is the problem, old games for which I still have the original working disks like Half-life and X-wing vrs Tie fighter give me the same hassle.

I think it's an XP thang.

Can anybody help?


Hey guys. Just to let you know - I managed to get SS2 to run on my comp. The issue was with Safe-Disc wrongfully thinking that my disc was a burned copy. It's silly but Safe-Disc is unstable with Windows XP and often confuses legit copies for burned ones. Thus, the answer lies with using a program that circumvents the Safe-Disc guard.

Thanks for all of your help! It was much appriciated.
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Hey guys! I just joined this community and was wondering if some of you could help or point me in the right direction.
I love SS2! I bought it when I was in grade 10 and played it for hours. I've played it on and off for some time but, stopped years ago. Now I really want to play it again!

I have the original disk and everything. Whenever it installs to Windows XP, it refuses to run. I've tried the "set compatibility" thing and even did some sort of thing in DOS while installing and it still doesn't work.

I just get a black screen when I try opening the game. A second after the black screen, I am returned to windows to get that error reporting window. >:(

Maybe I'm mistaken (and correct me if i'm wrong please!) but, I heard it had something to do with Safe Disc. I tried a cracker program but, it gave me some bullshit like "random error" when I tried to crack the .exe. I can't seem to find an effective cracker/patch and I doubt the one I had was even functional. TTLG forums only identified the possible issue but didn't help in finding the tools to get it. I've looked through google but, gotten mainly broken-links or corrupt programs.

Any help would be greatly thanked. Thanks! :)
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SS2 - Preparing for mods

Check your System Shock 2 directory.

If you've got your System Shock 2 CDs, or a nice clean install from somewhere very official-like, you should find the normal files in there. But if you have a folder named "Patch," you are going to have a hell of a time wondering why SS2 mods aren't having any effect. This I've noticed in the Home of the Underdogs version, but it may just be out there on other forms of installation as a method of patching SS2 up to its final original version. The folder "Patch" contains resource files that will override all others when System Shock 2 loads.

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