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Citadel Station
Citadel Station
2005-01-05 04:38 pm

  And let's not forget about SHTUP  - the high-res SS2 texture mod.

  Then again, everybody probably already knew about that by now, but there's no harm in being redundant...

  ... unless you're a homicidal AI, of course, in which case there's a LOT of harm, usually directed towards humanity in general after spending half a century as software backup out in deep space.


Citadel Station
2005-01-04 07:17 pm

First of all...Aesir, my cameras and probes I know you're out there, so post!

The TTLG Jukebox - with SS1 and 2 music.
Chicajo's Remixes - more SS1 music, most of it mirrored on the Jukebox.
Looking Glass Classics, including all three versions (disk, CD, and Mac (!)) of System Shock. No System Shock 2, but you can find that at Home of the Underdogs if you can't find it in meatspace.
TSSHP: The System Shock Hack Project - a rewrite of the Shock1 engine, still WIP but complete enough to fly through the levels with. Also hosts the unofficial SS1 specs (well worth reading) and the SS1->SS2 level conversion (not the same as the Citadel Conversion Project, just a straight geometry comversion).
ShockMap (generated maps, source code, and unpacked level files), WARNING: poorly written code and freakishly huge HTML files ahead. I'll probably link to unres3 and ss1edit there too, if I ever finish them. Oh, and there's no object detection yet, so doors (and any walls created with 3d models rather than height differences) won't show up on the maps....yet.
Fast links to TTLG System Shock Forums, General Discussion, Hints and Spoilers.
And finally, there's an established IRC channel #systemshock on irc.nightstar.net, although it's not formally associated with either this community or TTLG.

Remember, shocklings - keep your magpulse handy and your implants charged!


Citadel Station
2004-10-20 10:39 am

Because it must exist, even if it is destined to become the most lifeless community on LiveJournal, welcome back to Citadel Station, an appreciation community for System Shock and System Shock 2. Discussion, creations, and anything related to either game is welcome. Glory to The Many!